Chavez Moran: Resource Conservation

Chavez Moran: Resource ConservationPrior to his 2005 retirement, Daniel Chavez Moran invested in resource conservation as a developer of five-star hotels, resorts and golf courses across Latin America. Chavez Moran offers five ideas to reduce resource consumption for homes and businesses:

  • Capture and use recycled water for irrigation
  • Avoiding irrigating during peak sun hours to minimize evaporation
  • Install water-conserving toilets, faucets and showers
  • Look for products that use less cardboard and plastic packaging
  • Compost organic wastes for landscape and garden maintenance

About danielchavezmoran

Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran is widely recognized for modernizing the Mexican tourism industry in the 1990s. Now retired, Chavez Moran now dedicates his time to his family, philanthropy and the support of educational programs.
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