Daniel Chavez Moran: Past and Future Unite

Daniel-Chavez-Moran-Past-and-FutureA recent project of the Vidanta Foundation, a non-profit institution founded by philanthropist Daniel Chavez Moran, was designed “to provide a critical evaluation of the trajectory followed by Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico over the last hundred years. Its aim is was to identify common aspects as well as the differences that have characterized the historical evolution of these countries from 1910 to 2010.”

As part of the Bicentennial Project, the Vidanta Foundation funded over forty studies that examined five areas: politics, economy, society, international relations, and political thought and culture. The national coordination of the projects was entrusted to renowned international universities and academic institutions including:

The seven books resulting from the project were presented at “The Bicentennial: Lessons and Opportunities, 1910-2010,” an international seminar in Mexico City.

Read more about Daniel Chavez Moran and the Bicentennial Project books here.


About danielchavezmoran

Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran is widely recognized for modernizing the Mexican tourism industry in the 1990s. Now retired, Chavez Moran now dedicates his time to his family, philanthropy and the support of educational programs.
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