Chavez Moran on Inter-American Cooperation

Daniel-Chavez-Moran-Inter-American-CooperationDaniel Chavez Moran, founder of the Vidanta Foundation, recommends this book review published in Foreign Affairs magazine, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The book, “Contemporary U.S. – Latin American Relations: Cooperation or Conflict in the 21 Century,” is part of a project supported by Daniel Chavez Moran and the Vidanta Foundation to analyze the relationship that threads together the United States and Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Central America, the Caribbean, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela throughout the present decade.

“As Latin America becomes more differentiated, with many countries surging ahead while some lag behind, and as the region’s governments veer off in a variety of ideological directions, it is becoming notoriously difficult to generalize about inter-American relations. It is more manageable to speak of U.S. relations country by country…the volume marvelously responds to the prayers of college professors searching for concise and accessible accounts of contemporary bilateral policies in our hemisphere.”

Read more about philanthropist Daniel Chavez Moran and the Foundation’s Contemporary Inter-American Relations project here.


About danielchavezmoran

Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran is widely recognized for modernizing the Mexican tourism industry in the 1990s. Now retired, Chavez Moran now dedicates his time to his family, philanthropy and the support of educational programs.
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