Chavez Moran on Women Leaders

Daniel-Chavez-Moran-Women-LeadersIn remembrance of his mother who dedicated her life to helping children overcome the destructive combination of ignorance and poverty, philanthropist Daniel Chavez Moran recommends this Wall Street Journal article on women leaders in Latin America:“Latin America ranks second only to Nordic Europe in terms of the percentage of women elected to parliamentary-level posts, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, a grouping of legislative bodies world-wide. In countries such as Argentina and Bolivia, two of the most advanced in terms of women in national office, the percentage is well over 30 percent…As Latin America embraced democracy, toppling traditional parties and eroding once-powerful old-boy networks, new opportunities emerged in recent decades for female leaders, especially considering that female voters account for at least half of the electorate in most countries—and tend to vote for women.”

For more about Daniel Chavez Moran and the Fundación Delia Moran A.C., a tribute to his mother’s lifework, read here.


About danielchavezmoran

Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran is widely recognized for modernizing the Mexican tourism industry in the 1990s. Now retired, Chavez Moran now dedicates his time to his family, philanthropy and the support of educational programs.
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